All those who are in a relationship and planning to get married anytime soon, we have something for you. Boys! Your would-be wife expects something from you as a husband. These are little wishes she wants you to fulfil but may not share it with you. We have prepared a list of those cute little things. Have a look below:



Send cute texts

Nothing makes a girl happier than some shower of love. Show off your love with some cute texts. Text them ‘I miss you’, ‘I love you’ and bring that big smile on their face.

Prepare breakfast

There is nothing better than preparing a meal for your wife. When she wakes up to the bright rays of the sun, get her some delicious breakfast in bed and see how you make her day.

Plan a surprise date

Women love surprises. How about planning a late-night date for her? Get her favorite food, wine and some music. Don’t forget to gift her something as beautiful as her.

Go for a mini holiday

In between home and office, you two may not get much time to spend with each other. Plan a small holiday on weekend. Spend some quality time together with your love.

Join a dance class

Dance is one activity that brings along joy. Join a dance class with your partner and see dance doing its magic. When you shake a leg to the beats together, your happiness with reach another level.

Be her gossip partner

When your partner is back home from a long day at work, she wants to shares loads of things with you. Be there and listen to her when she talks about how her day went off.

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