You know why women are considered to be backward, and honestly it is more laid back when it comes to sexual preferences. Even after we Indians have a history of Kamasutra, but the male dominating society just wouldn’t let them be themselves, if a girl likes to have sex, either she’s a slut, whore or a prostitute. Men don’t give women even the power to express their sexual desires because hey if you do something kinky; surely, you would’ve mastered it by doing it to 100 other men. Dear Women, Know Your Own Worth And Be Your Favorite

I ask, why can’t women like and have sex with whoever, whenever and however they want to? Why does she have to kill her desires and always go in missionary or anything that the man likes? Why? Because of the fear that if she’d initiate something he would think low of her. Believe it or not, it’s happening, all around, everywhere. And, how can we forget the rape problem, if a women likes to have sex, hello there, every guy thinks he has the right and as a matter of fact responsibility to rape her.

Please, for God’s sake, stop this. Let a women live with her own sexuality and desires. Don’t think of her as a sex toy, because she’s not, she’s not supposed to do whatever you like or however you like, let her explore her sensuality and let her decide how she wants it to be. When you do it, you’re partners in the act not “dominant” and “submissive” as they say in Fifty shades of Grey.

A woman has a right to choose her sexual preferences as well as her sexual orientation, and if she is bold enough to say it, no, it doesn’t make her a slut and no, it doesn’t give you the right to exploit her sexually or mentally by making her feel so. Liberation is for everyone to attain in each possible manner. I wonder why is it only available to men in our nation? If I like sex, my choice, if I don’t, my fucking choice. What does anyone has to do with it? And why does everyone has to judge a woman for that purpose? She can dance and drink at pubs just like you do, because she’s human like you are.

Don’t harass her because she’s forward in approach, support her, and if you can’t do that, leave her alone. When I imagine a world without men I feel myself at peace, a world full of love, laughter. I don’t want to think that way, but I do. Because with each passing day, I feel men are doing nothing but rapes.

A humble request, Let a woman be herself and DO NOT RAPE her because she’s being herself. And men should know what CONSENT means. Note: I am NOT Anti- men or homosexual. Dear Women, Know Your Own Worth And Be Your Favorite