Debina Bonnerjee Encourages New Mommies As She Opens Up On Breaking Postpartum Stereotypes!

Being a mother is not easy since a woman has to manage several things all at once. Debina Bonnerjee, a well-known actress, too copes with the similar issues as she raises her two daughters, Lianna and Divisha. The actress has lately conversed about the ways of tackling and dealing with postpartum stereotypes and post-natal anxiety. Read on to know what fans asked Debina about her motherhood journey.

For the uninitiated, Debina and her husband Gurmeet Choudhary welcomed their first daughter, Lianna Choudhary, on April 3, 2022, and then their second daughter, Divisha, on November 11, 2022. The actress’ life these days often loops around her two young daughters needs.

Debina Bonnerjee’s shares ways of coping stress

Debina Bonnerjee addressed questions from the recent expecting mothers during a Q&A session. She took to her Instagram account on March 22, 2023 and conducted an insightful session. Debina provided a lovely response to a question from a fan on how the actress handles stress. Debina explained that she tries to maintain her composure and not stress about things as she is currently taking care of two toddlers at once. She wrote, in further detail: “I tell myself I waited this long for my babies to be with me… Now I won’t let stress disturb me in any way.”

Debina Bonnerjee on breaking postpartum stereotypes

Another fan questioned Debina about how she maintains her health while caring for her two children, Divisha and Lianna. The devoted mother responded by saying that she always makes sure to take part in her children’s activities to stay active. Another woman questioned Debina about how she empowers other women by challenging postpartum cultural norms, and the actress responded:

“The point is not to be fit in but to stand out. Trust me we are all unique in our own way. Just that we feel afraid to be criticized by the society.”

Debina Bonnerjee talks about her conceiving issues

Debina Bonnerjee’s pregnancy was challenging since, despite seven years of trying, she was unable to conceive. The actress has often discussed about it and even disclosed the ways she employed to successfully embrace motherhood. Her efforts were all in vain. Finally, after she became pregnant with Lianna and gave birth to her, within a span of four months, God provided her another another miracle child. As a result, during the session, when a woman discussed her difficulties in conceiving, Debina shared: “7 years… but it was mostly stress that was on the way than anything else.”

Debina Bonnerjee has a hard time managing her daughters

The first-time mother, Debina Bonnerjee, had a “Ask Me Anything” session on December 24, 2022, when she responded to questions from her followers on Instagram. The actress admitted that she has trouble controlling her two young children when one of her admirers asked which of her girls is more difficult to control. Posting a photo of her girls wearing adorable red clothes, Debina also revealed some of her personal challenges. The devoted mother remarked that it was a tough competition since although the little one cries frequently, the older one crawls and frequently meets accidents.


Debina Bonnerjee on Mom’s Guilt

Debina Bonnerjee once took to her You Tube channel, Debina Decodes to talk about the anxious experiences any new mother goes through during pregnancy. Debina discussed the mom’s guilt that many new mothers face. Parents want to give the child everything. Sometimes she thinks that the baby will treat us the same way she treated her parents. Thus, the world is full of inconsistencies.

She was aware that every woman experiences this overpowering emotion upon childbirth. For her, this is described as post-natal anxiety. Some people return to work 12 days after giving birth, while others take a two-year break. It has neither right nor wrong. Let a lady do whatever she feels good about it, she said. It is the stress of the mother that makes the child uncomfortable. Nobody has power to overpower this but new mommies can alter negative thoughts into positive ones by changing their thought process.


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