“Why are these youngsters purchasing red clothes?” enquired Shalu to her friend with whom she was shopping at a store. “Dear its valentine’s month”, replied her friend. “Oh! I forgot!”, she said raising her eyebrows. Married for 15 years now, the valentine’s excitement was lost somewhere in Shalu and probably her husband too. She told her friend how she was excited and spent days planning for her first valentine with her husband. She did exciting things for few years; later after having kids the craze was all lost. Now she hardly remembers these days. And even if they remember it’s a dinner out or get together with friends.


This valentine, bring back some excitement in your life. Such celebration will allow you to pull back from your daily grind and relive the moment that used to be special for you earlier. After decade old togetherness you must have done it all to please your partner. Take out some time from your routine life and plan something special. Do not celebrate the day out of obligation or in a robotic way just bringing flowers and chocolates just because that is what everyone is doing. Be more creative and romantic that will brings in positive remember able feelings.


During your initial years of relationship you must be repeating these magical words every day and night. May be now, its frequency has reduced or is not there at all. Your love has matured over these years and confidence in your partner increased. So the need to repeat these words is not felt. Still it is always important to celebrate days like valentine to reinforce the fact that your marriage to him is still a priority.

Make some hand made card or write a letter and hide it at a place where he will find it. Mention his importance in your life and his qualities that still make you drool over him as it did before. It will surely surprise him.

You can also make small chits of his best qualities and attach it to roses. This will help you to focus on his positives than shortcomings. And who does not like to get appreciated!


Do it differently than routine. Be creative in bringing in some romance. Make arrangement for someone to look after your kids. If not possible at home book a hotel room and call him there on some pretext. Buy yourself and him some cool lingerie. This always works. But while you plan all this make sure he is in the right mood. So do not pick up any argument at least few days before valentines.


Plan to play some fun games. Like both of you write down 5 memories on a sheet of paper separately and share it with each other.

If some issues have cropped up in your life Valentine’s Day is the best time to resolve it. Open up your heart in front of your partner; speak what’s there in your mind honestly but before that both promise each other to take this discussion in a healthy stride. Commit to bring in a healthy start.


Go to the restaurant or place where you met for the first time and spend some time there. Remember the lovely things that made you fall for each other.

Or go to the place that was your regular hangout during courtship days or go to a new place and build a memory there. Remember it later.


No occasion is complete without a gift. Gift a makeover or spa treatment. Enrol for a dance/music/photography/some sport whatever interests both of you, class together. It will be fun to learn together.

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