Loud roars of gender-based discriminations existing in our Indian film industry like objectification of women, wage gap between actors are nothing new to be heard. It’s been here since long, very long – may be not intentionally but ignorantly. But when it comes to actresses, they themselves play a key role in propagating these gender stereotypes by taking no stance to bring a change. But as they say, exceptions are always there. And the birthday girl, Anushka Sharma is one of them.

An educated, well-read, opinioned and a hardworking actor, Anushka Sharma is a true gem in our otherwise hollow industry filled with pseudo-intellect and opinion-less young stars. She established herself as a dependable actress quite early in her career. In her roller coaster like career,  Sultan, PK, Band Baja Baraat and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil are her career best performances. She might have failed to ascertain herself as an exceptionally mind-blowing actress but still she is here in the industry, doing really well and is evidently here to stay.

You won’t spot Anushka in every other starry Bollywood party, unlike her highly socially active contemporaries. She prefers spending time with real close friends than faking love and posing together at such glammed-up parties with not-so-close people. She is just not an every other B-town diva but is immensely distinct.

And here we enlist 7 stances that prove she is indeed a sorted, strong and different that other actresses in the town.

Opinions that make sense: Unlike other young stars she is not a diplomatic celeb who fears speaking about the serious and controversial matters. Whenever asked, she presents her opinions fiercely, and interestingly, they absolutely make sense. Be it the sensitive issue of feminism or the ills of Bollywood, she keenly observes and makes sure to raise voice in such matters as well.

She is from a completely non-film background: Nepotism surely rules Bollywood.Just the way national political party, Indian National Congress has majorly always been revolving around Gandhi family, Bollywood is also unfortunately on the same path; with only few families of Kapoors, Chopras and Khans leading it. But Anushka, she is absolutely the outsider Bollywood needs. Albeit her debut film was opposite Shahrukh Khan but it got her no buzz and limelight as SRK stole it all. But with time and films in offer, the diva won millions of hearts with her very third film, Band Baja Baarat. To sustain in the nepotistic setup of Bollywood, with no film connections and godfather, is in itself an applaud-worthy achievement. And of course, she is here to stay.

A Independent producer: 9 years down the line in film industry, she is not just an A-lister actor but a proud independent producer as well. She took up the herculean task of becoming a producer and has successfully produced two films with unconventional content, NH10 and Phillauri. And her third production, Pari, is all on the verge to go on sets as well.  

Worked with the 3 Khans: There are only a few, in fact very few actresses who have worked with the Khan trinity and one of the proud listing among them is Anushka Sharma. Within a career span of just 9 years, she has achieved this milestone. Priyanka Chopra, who is 15 years old in the film world has also not hit this list yet. Now you know, it’s quite a big thing!


Charity Foundation for army behind army: Hailing from an army background, she carries a soft corner for the army men and their families. Recently, at an award function, she thoroughly spoke about the life of army men’s wives, ‘the army behind army’ – who, sacrifice the joys of their lives as their husbands protect the nation at the borders. She has started a charity organisation for the army wives.

Didn’t let failure affect her journey: For she refused to make a godfather in the Bollywood industry thus her career wasn’t a bed of roses. She delivered many flops but nothing stopped her from rising yet again.

She reads: Oh yes! She reads books, a lot of them! Doesn’t it make her so attractive and adorable already? Her most of the co-stars complain of her talks being just too intellectual. Quite an appreciating complaint, though! 😉  

Surely a beauty with brains! Happy Birthday Anushka Sharma!