Not many days back, Deepika Padukone was declared as the hottest woman of the year by Maxim international and we all just couldn’t stop gushing over her. She celebrated the moment of joy on social media by posting a photograph from the photoshoot which she did for the magazine.

The diva looked absolutely ethereal and breathtaking in the minimal white ensemble, truly justifying the title that she received. Just have a look at the stunning beauty!

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Doesn’t she look like a sheer piece of elegance and gorgeousness? While, normal people like us can’t stop adoring this beauty goddess, there were many people who got offended with the skin show. Offended to the extended that they started hurling abuses and body shamed her. Her Instagram post was divided into sheer praises and extremely hateful comments.

Deepika received a lot of backlash for being ‘too cheap’ and ‘vulgar’ for this photoshoot. But a true diva that she is, very well understands that the problem lies with people’s mentality and not her skin show so she decided to give a classic reply.

As they say, ‘silence is the best response to a fool’, Deepika also abided by this common saying and seemed unperturbed and indifferent to all the social media hate. As a silent weapon, she uploaded yet another picture from the shoot and proved that she has no fucks to give!

Don’t people have better things to do in life? We wonder!

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