Deepika Padukone opens about whether cheating is still a ‘Huge Concern’

Deepika Padukone opened up about whether or not betrayal is still a ‘huge problem.’ Infidelity is a prominent issue in her recent film, directed by Shakun Batra, ‘Gehraiyaan’. She is trapped in a stifling six-year engagement in the film and has an affair with her cousin’s fiancé.
Previously, Karan Johar’s ‘Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna’ was chastised for crafting a film on infelicity that was both beautiful and ahead of its time. And currently, another Karan Johar’s production- ‘Gehraiyaan’ is attracting a lot of criticism, despite the fact that it is a wonderful film. When questioned in a recent interview about her own thoughts about cheating on her husband and if it is still a major concern’ in her relationship, the actress not only stated her mind, but also disclosed the one thing that was much more ‘hurtful.’

The Gehraiyaan actors answered questions asked by ‘Indian parents’ in an interview with ‘We Are Yuvaa’. “Is infidelity even a huge problem anymore?” one person inquired. Deepika said that it is something she does not support personally. But, having said that, she feels she has no right to pass judgement on another person’s relationship, whether it has occurred or not, or whether they are alright with it or not. She also stated that relationships are built on connections, and that once you lose that connection, there is no longer a relationship.

She went on to say that physical attraction could be a one-time phenomenon for certain people but what really matters is that you need to have respect for the other person.
The actress also shared what she considered to be more damaging than cheating or having an affair. She believes that monogamy, or physical attraction, is one thing, but that emotional infidelity would be the biggest source of disappointment. Not that physical adultery is acceptable, but emotional infidelity does considerably more harm than any other type of infidelity.

Deepika made news back in the day when she said that an ex-boyfriend had cheated on her and that he had ‘begged and pleaded’ for forgiveness. And she caught him ‘red-handed’ even after giving him another opportunity. In addition to that, in an interview with Filmfare she said that she had major trust difficulties when she first met Ranveer Singh, whom she later married, because of her previous failed relationships.

Deepika also claimed that when she met Ranveer, she was weary. She felt that it was over for her after her last relationship ended in 2012. She was interested in experimenting with the notion of casual dating. ‘I see there’s a connection between us,’ she told Ranveer when they met in 2012. ‘I really like you but I want to keep it open. I don’t want to commit. If I get attracted to different people, I’m going to do my thing’. The pair later married in 2018 after dating for roughly six years beneath the radar.

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