Deepika & Ranveer : Crew member reveals how a passionate kiss began DeepVeer

We all know that the love story of DeepVeer started on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Goliyon Ki Raas Leela-Ram Leela but what we don’t know is how did it start. To shed a light of this mystery a crew member told the Huffington Post about how and exactly when did the fire ignite between the almost married couple.

Their passionate love story began with an unscripted kiss while shooting for the song Ang Laga De for the movie. While there had been doing around the sets that the duo had started dating, that kiss definitely confirmed the speculation. They were so into the kiss that even after the director said cut, the couple didn’t separate but kept on kissing each other!

“It was new love- euphoric and maddening,” the crew member opened up and told that the couple was open about their relationship on the sets. “They’d call each other baby, eat together, and disappear into their vanity vans when not shooting,” the crew member said that they thought the romance would run cold when the movie finished shooting and how wrong they were, as it was just the beginning of an epic love story! After seeing them together during their second movie together Bajirao Mastani, the crew member realized that something had changed between the duo and that this wasn’t just a regular fling romance.

“When I saw them during Bajirao Mastani, that’s when I knew this is something that’s going to last.”Another source said that even during group outings and dinners the couple would have eyes only for each other, “It’s like nothing else matters. And they talk about everything non-stop, like, say, a married couple would.” The couple didn’t let their busy schedule affect their relationship. They would fly continents just to be with each other and make time for each other.

Another crew member told them that during Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer would still be on the sets even after his scenes were done to be a personal cheerleader for Deepika, “He’s always giving her cues even when he doesn’t have to. It almost feels that for him, her career is more important than his. He was one of the first few people to tell her that she needs to go to Hollywood. He’s starry-eyed when she’s around,” the person said. Ranveer’s dedication to Deepika is apparent as he carries himself whenever the both of them are together.

The Bollywood power couple is set to get married in two ceremonies from today till tomorrow. They will be taking a short honeymoon as Ranveer’s upcoming movie alongside Sara Ali Khan is set to release in December of this year.


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