‘Delta’ The Greatest Threat; Read And Find Out More On The Dangerous Variant

Adding more to Covid-19 fears and anxieties, here comes the new ‘Delta’ variant. Soon after its first case reported in India, White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr Anthony Fauci warned that it is highly contagious and can turn out to be the ‘greatest threat’. “Similar to the situation in the UK, the Delta variant is currently the greatest threat in the US to our attempt to eliminate Covid-19” Fauci told. His response came on Tuesday in a virtual news conference at a White House briefing on Covid-19. He further said that the new variant has made more than 20 per cent of all new cases in the US.

With its quick transmissibility, the Delta variant is more dangerous than the Alpha variant. The three characters of the new variant are increased transmissibility, stronger binding to receptors of lung cells, and potential reduction in monoclonal antibody response. But unlike in India, the US is well equipped to battle the new variant. The US vaccines are found to be most effective against the Delta variant. Fauci, the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) also said that they have the tools and urged people to use them for crushing the outbreak.

“Look at what is happening in the United States. We have seen, as was the case with B.1.1.7, we seem to be following the pattern with the Delta variant with a doubling time of about two weeks if you look from May 8 with 1.2 to 2.7 to 9.9 and as of a couple of days ago 20.6 per cent of the isolates are Delta. The effectiveness of the vaccines, in this case, two weeks after the second dose of Pfizer BioNTech with 88 per cent effective against the Delta and 93 per cent effective against the Alpha when you are dealing with symptomatic disease” he said.

Meanwhile, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classified the Delta, a ‘variant of concern’. Rochelle Paul Walensky, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control expressed concern over the future mutations which may fail the vaccine. She also emphasized the need to get vaccinated so that it will break the chain to a great extent.

Unfortunately, the mutated version of the Delta variant which the US has been fearing is first found in India. The variant was found in genome sequenced samples from Ratnagiri and Jalgaon districts of Maharashtra, Palakkad and Pathanamthitta districts of Kerala, and Bhopal and Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. Following which the three states viz. Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh are advised to take extra care by the Union health ministry.

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