Depression: ‘Hidden’ Signs You Should Be Aware Of!

Depression is commonly associated with persistent sadness and hopelessness, both of which are prevalent signs. It is also essential to raise awareness about subtle and often unrecognized symptoms so that people can receive care when they need it.

In order to figure out what’s going on, it’s always best to seek treatment from a mental health expert. A psychotherapist expert, Nidhi Tiwari, discussed several hidden signs of depression.


Angry and irritable

In addition to sadness and helplessness, depression has many other aspects. Sadness and helplessness are not the only symptoms of depression. An element of depression that is surprisingly little discussed is being furious and irritable more often than usual. The symptoms of depression may include hitting people over small issues, losing patience with others, or feeling disproportionately angry at yourself.

Tiredness and poor energy

A depressed person may experience physical exhaustion. More than 90% of individuals suffering from serious depressive disorders report exhaustion. In addition to making daily activities physically difficult, depression fatigue can also interfere with the ability to focus, process information, and connect emotionally.

Manipulated happiness

People with depression don’t have a definite “look,” so even if they don’t appear melancholy, they may be struggling. When depressed, a person may appear to be cheerful and productive, crack jokes, and be bustling with energy, but at home, they experience loneliness, emptiness, grief, or guilt in excruciating amounts.


Feeling empty or numb

Depression isn’t always characterized by intense sadness. Depression can sometimes be characterized by feelings of emptiness or numbness. A loss of interest in the activities you normally enjoy, as well as a lack of pleasure from these activities,  may also be signs of depression,  a symptom known as anhedonia.

Digestive issues

A healthy gut is often associated with depression. Depression can result in stomach discomfort, such as nausea, cramps, bloating, or pain, as well as depression might be a symptom of a gut-related problem. Furthermore, depression has even been linked to digestive inflammation, according to some research.

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