Dharmendra Would Eat Onions To Mask The Smell Of Alcohol While Shooting- Deets Inside

We got to know a fun fact about Dharmendra. Dharmendra recently mentioned on a reality show that how he used to eat onions on the sets of the film to mask the smell of alcohol.

He said ” we were shooting in Darjeeling, and after pack up the producers and other crew members would party till late at night. I would also join the party and we would get drunk. In the morning the smell of alcohol would be quite evident, so to hide the smell I would eat onions,” and then he mentioned how he would not eat onions when he use to shoot with Ashaji as she did not appreciate the smell of onions either so he would refrain from drinking alcohol while shooting with Ashaji. This shows how much Dharmendra respects Ashaji.

It always feels nice to hear stories from the golden era as we use to not get to know the stories during that period as there were no media at that time so now it feels good to hear the stories about the legendry stars and the camaraderie they shared with their co-stars

The duo was seen in movies like Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke, Aaye Din Bahar Ke, and Shikar, and many more such movies. The audience loved them as an on-screen pair.

Will get to see the iconic duo in Indias Best Dancer where there will be seen dancing together and recreating their evergreen song ‘ Kuch Kehta Hai Ye Savan. ‘ Watch India’s Best Dancer this week to see the Iconic duo on-screen again.

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