Did Dhoni’s Run Out In Semi Final Made The Cameraman Cry? Know Complete Truth

New Zealand might have lost the world cup yesterday to England but it certainly won the hearts of cricket lovers across the globe. And far before that, New Zealand won hearts of the Indian cricket fans when it defeated India in what could have been a one-sided match. Yes, we are talking about the semi finals of the ICC World Cup 2019 where India came face to face with New Zealand and despite all its efforts couldn’t defeat the team.

One moment that ensured New Zealand’s victory was the batsman MS Dhoni’s run-out. As the captain cool tried to take a double run to keep the strike to himself, his speed cheated on him and he was just a few inches away from the crease when the balls hit the stump. Soon after the match, an emotional post went viral on the Internet and it claimed that even the cameraman on the ground cried on Dhoni’s dismissal. Is it made up or actually true?

The post that went viral on the Internet is a collage of four photographs showing the cameraman on ground crying and a picture of MS Dhoni leaving the field after his dismissal. However, according to India Today, the post is now revealed to be fake. The man shown in the pictured is in fact, an Iraqi photojournalist, Mohammed al Azzawi,  who cried on the defeat of Iraq in the AFC Asian Cup football tournament 2019.  The photo of the cameraman had been shared by the official Twitter handle of Asian Cup in January this year and identified the man as an Iraqi photographer.


There was also a Tweet of Journalist Steven Nabil in which he mentions in the caption, “Iraqi sports photographer Mohammed AL Azzawi trying to finish his work through tears after Iraq lost to Qatar in a heartbreaker. To the world soccer is a sport , to Iraqis, it’s everything..”


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