Sanju has been a big success and a great comeback for Ranbir Kapoor after a number of flops. The movie by Raju Hirani is a biopic on the life of the controversial Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt. In less than a month, the movie managed to earn more than 340 crores on the box office and is still going strong in most multiplexes.

If you have also watched the movie, it has Karishma Tanna playing the role of Pinky who is Sanjay Dutt’s best Friend Kamli’s Girlfriend. People have certainly loved the relationship shared by Sanjay Dutt and his best friend Kamlesh aka Kamli in the movie. However, the movie shows Sanjay Dutt sleeping with Pinky and betraying his best friend. In the movie, it is shown that Vicky Kaushal playing the role of Kamli has brought a number of pink colored gifts for his girlfriend Pinky and is trying to get into her pants. However, he has too much to drink and falls asleep before even doing anything. That’s when his best friend Sanjay Dutt, played hu Ranbir Kapoor comes in and takes the opportunity to sleep with Pinky.

When Sanjay Dutt’s real-life best friend Paresh Gehlani was asked about the incident and if Sanjay Dutt actually cheats on him by sleeping with his girlfriend, pat came his replied. He nodded his head in agreement while saying that it’s true Sanjay Dutt actually slept with his girlfriend.