One essential undergarment that a woman can’t do without is definitely ‘The Bra’. It has not just become a necessity for all the modern women but has also turned into a fashion garment for many as it is available in a number of patterns and styles. While the modern women of today have enough options of bras to choose from, but do you think that these many options were available to the women a few decades ago?

Well, the answer to this is ‘No’!

Moreover, Bras didn’t even exist a few centuries back.

And keeping this in mind, today we’ll share with you the story behind the invention of first ever bra. To know how and when was the first bra made, who wore it and how its need was felt, scroll down and read the complete story:

The word ‘Bra’ was derived from the French word ‘Brassiere’ which means ‘Child’s vest’. The previous versions of this undergarment were not as manageable as they are today and also had complex contraptions.

The precise period when the first bra was made is unknown but it has been said that its early depiction has been found in ancient Greece. It was told that the modern day bra evolved out of the corset, but if we go by the evidence, it tells a completely different story.

During the year 2008, while digging a castle in Austria, archaeologists got their hands on four tattered bras that were somehow similar to the modern version of the undergarment. As per carbon dating, they were donned somewhere between 1440 and 1485.

As per an Austria based archaeologist and researcher at the University of Innsbruck, bras were discovered in the ancient period. However, with time, they went out of fashion and were completely forgotten. Later, they were re-invented in the 19th century.

From an exclusive report by BBC, it was extracted that the patent for the modern bra was given to a German woman named Christine Hardt in 1889. But the more popular patent for a modern form of the undergarment was given to socialite Mary Phelps Jacob in 1914. When Mary was asked how she created it, she revealed that she had created it with handkerchiefs and a pink ribbon a night before she was going out somewhere. However, it was an old lingerie house in France that played the key role in introducing bras in the way we know and use them today.

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