Falling in love is something which is not in our hand . It is a feeling which knocks our doors anytime  as many of us know and have  already experienced . when we suffer from broken heart it is told that don’t worry you will get better and many more. But here you have to stop and pay heed to an interesting fact ,  psychologists say that a person can only genuinely fall in love three times.


Fairy tale love

Falling in love for the first time is not less than a fairy tale. Since childhood we all are  fascinated by this whole idea of falling in ‘fairy tale love’. Its like we are in dreamy  world where everything looks so  beautiful ,you love yourself more, and you are ready to sacrifice everything for your love and relationship. Such love teaches us that looking at your partner is just as important as looking around you.

Complicated love

This is the second love. Its not always true that whatever we think we  get  as it is .In love relations we often face betrayal ,sometimes it doen’t go the way we thought. It is the most confusing part of life when we are in a dilemma whether to move on or stay. Such love teaches us that it is important to be loved in return.

Mature love

This is the third love and at  this stage in life, we no longer have any expectations and we have endured the power of acceptance. Life becomes drama free we tend to spend a smooth life.  We don’t waste time thinking up qualities that the love of our life must possess. Such love teaches us to be real and that a relationship doesn’t need to be perfect.


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