Our behavior around our lovers and friends is totally different. What is funny with our friends is cute with our lovers. People even end up finding many gross things as cute when it comes to their loves but as long as a friend is the once doing them, the things remain gross. Here is 4 ways of how we treat our friends differently than your lovers.

Snort laugh or ugly laughing-

When a friend snort laughs “Stop it you sound like a pig! Hahaha”

When your honey snort laughs “Aww… you are choo cute!”

Now let us just hope that the friend never hears this.

Cute fart?

When a friend farts, we make sure that the whole neighborhood knows what our friend did and we remind him/her almost daily to be careful as to not pollute the air around us again. And yeah, we laugh our asses off.

When bae fart “Aww… don’t get embarrassed everyone farts. We will keep it a secret k?”

*Poor friend (-_-)*

Excess drinking followed by puking

Friend’s situation –

Before drinking; “I won’t take care of you if you get drink.”

After friend gets drunk; “come on lets head back. You are a real pain you- (friend pukes) – oh no! I hate you!”

Bae’s situation

Before drinking; “I’ll take care you sweetie”

After getting drunk; “Here here lean on me- (pukes), its ok there you go. I am right here”

Bad haircut

Friend- “Dude my hair got messed up… what do you think?”

Reply- “Oh my god what happened to you? Who beat you up? Did you get under a grass cutting machine? Hahaha”

Lover- “Darling my hair got messed up.”

Reply- “It is ok sweat heart you still look good”

Getting into a big fight

With lover, there is a lot of drama and possibly break up.

With friend… What? When did the fight get solved???

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