In the growing digital world, blogs have created their own niche space. Instant and to the point, blogging as an art within a short time has created its own stalwarts. Virag Gupta through his various blogs has captured the essence of this scene and with his tremendous research has sought to put blogging into the mainstream. His writing in Hindi caters to a wide audience while his insight into the subject rivals other media to outperform. Digital India aur Bharat, a collection of his blogs on NDTV Khabar is a unique offering that puts the different issues in India.  Released by Sh. Ved Pratap Vaidik, KN Govindacharya, NK Singh, Rahul Dev, Urmilesh, Piyush Babele, Dayashankar Mishra and Prempal Sharma in the World Book Fair, it covers the area of law, governance, environment, education, economy and analyzes them threadbare in the simplest language for the reader.

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Mr. Virag Gupta a lawyer and practices at the Supreme Court of India. He is a columnist for several national newspapers, magazines and a regular participant in TV debates on the issues of law and governance. Mr. Gupta has several legal compendiums including Manual on Telecom laws, Mining laws, Realty, Food Safety and Case Book on SEZ & EOU to his name. His cases have brought landmark changes in the arena of Information Technology, such as protection of children in cyber space, creation of national email policy, non-notification of electronic signatures for e-commerce, and appointment of Grievance Officers by internet companies. His representations to the Election Commission have resulted in a paradigm shift in Election laws, including release of Guidelines on Social Media for Elections. Mr. Gupta is also the National Director of Drishti, an organization working for the upliftment of visually impaired.

Digital India aur Bharat

Known to dive into the issue at the earliest, his writings even in the Google age have stood the test of time. Tapping into the mind of the average Indian, the book introduces information that one must know and the question that are must in a functioning democracy.

Though based on the digital platform, Virag Gupta in his book has highlighted the India-Bharat divide and the lawlessness in the internet world. With Virag Gupta’s active participation in economy, cyber security, consumerism and governance, Digital India aur Bharat takes its readers on a journey that is sure to leave them exhilarating.

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