Dino Moria Shares The Journey Of His Acting Career In The Industry So Far

The well-renowned old actor Dino Moria shared various experiences about his acting career and journey so far in a recent interview. The most sensational part of the interview was that he spoke about the few rough patches which he faced and how he coped up with those hard times. He especially reflected upon a time period of his career, when he performed small jobs to stay relevant and financially secure when the acting offers were slowly getting dried up.

Dino actually confessed about a fact, that he decided to take a step back from acting as he wasn’t properly receiving the work which he wanted or desired. He told, “the roles coming (his) way were terrible and (he) would have dug (his) grave had (he) continued”. In other interviews, he said, “(he did) small jobs to stay relevant”.

On a conversation with Pinkvilla, he said, “Despite acting in 15 films, I had never been to an acting school. So I got myself enrolled in an acting school in Delhi. It was a beginning to unlearn and learn new things. From 2013, I started pushing myself again by approaching producers and directors, but nothing great came my way. I held back and waited for the right opportunity. Mental Hood in 2017 followed by Hostages and Tandav was a warm-up to The Empire.”

There was a time when he saw the actual downfall of his life and battled with a lot of struggle and tried to cope up with the situation. He said, exercising helped him a lot to break free. He further admitted, “I was knocking on the doors saying that I want to work, but nothing really came my way. But it’s all a journey. Yes, the time was tough and mentally, I did go through a lot. But exercise, fitness, and being healthy helped me a lot. I was trying to be relevant by doing small jobs to be financially secure, but don’t want to talk about it. But nothing is impossible. Work hard and the world will open up for you.”

However, the good news is, we are soon going to see Dino performing Mohammad Shaybani Khan in the Empire, which is based primarily upon the historic sequence of books set within the Mughal period. We wish him all the best.

Apart from that, we wish him all good luck and fortune in his upcoming life. May he succeed as a good actor all through his life.

Primary Excerpt is taken from – Hindustan Times (hindustantimes.com)

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