As darkness is necesary to realise the importance of light in the same way distance plays a critical role to make us realize the importance of togetherness and importance of those we get away from. You realise how much that person means to you. Many of us leave our homes and loved ones and move out to places away from them for our jobs, careers, etc at some point of time in life. And when you start a life all alone you often realise what all you missed when you were together and you tend to cherish those memories and relationships and you also get to know the real value of everything.

distance is necessary to appreciate closeness

It is rightly said that “distance makes the heart grow fonder”, staying away from our loved ones makes us evolve in different ways. It is just the physical distance which makes us separate, otherwise we more closer when we are away from our dear ones. When we get exposed to the outside world all alone there comes the time when we explore our inner soul and know the depth of relationships in real sense. We experience all together a different perspective of life .

Nostalgia is a very complicated feeling. It makes one feel happy and sad at the same time. When we are away time reminds us of the uniqueness of every individual persons who have a special place in our heart and also the memories associated with them. You go through a range of life – changing emotions which makes you mature and you end up becoming a sensibly sensitive individual. We generally don’t pay much heed to things when we are together. Our conversations get shorter and to the point with our relatives and dear ones. We get irritated about little things and just wish to go far away from everything and live a peaceful life all alone. But what actually happens when you achieve that freedom is totally different from what we thought and what we expected. Life never remains same when you are set free in a different world and apart from your dear ones.

Distance actually brings souls closer, because when you are away you are constantly reminded of the time you spend together and those minute details which you never paid attention to, earlier. You get to know yourself like no other one . You become more empathetic and responsible at the same time. When you are apart physically your meanness and your materialistic approach towards life fades away with time because now you are mature enough to understand relations and prioritise them. Hence, it is necessary to leave our comfort zones and let our inner-self get exposed to the outer world to know and understand the life from a different angle which you never explored before . There are so many things we all realise only after we have moved away from our loved ones

“Realisations come with maturity and maturity comes with experiences.”

Priyanka Dhar

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