It is truly said that one who is destined together will meet in some or the other way. Divyanka and Vivek’s love story, in this context, is no less than a dream. As we all know, their fans played a major role in their love story. However, the couple met on the sets of ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ and from there only their feelings grew for each other and finally both tied a knot on 8 July 2016. The couple in the truest sense is ‘made-for-each-other’ type of couple and this ‘made-in-heaven’ couple never steps back in praising each other in media interviews. Their love story is truly magical and makes one believe in destiny. As it is said that we meet people for a reason while some depart soon, some stay forever. So, this couple found forever in each other and one can’t easily lay off eyes when they both are together.

Recently Vivek was hospitalized and it was all over the media that the reason behind Vivek’s illness was overdosage of protein supplements. Later the couple dismissed all such rumours and also slammed the media for its irresponsible reporting. And now in an interview, Hindustan Times Divyanka gave an honest update on hubby Vivek’s health. She had stated, “Vivek has been discharged but he is still recovering at home. The doctors have asked him to take it easy for the next three to four weeks. He must have had contaminated food which led to the infection. After we returned from Macau, China at the end of last month, he got fever, but the antibiotics didn’t help. We had no idea that it was so serious.”

She further revealed that Vivek’s hospitalization days were the most horrible days. She was quoted as saying, “Those five days were hell for me and our families. I burst out crying as it was devastating to see him so unwell. We take all decisions mutually, and here, I had to decide everything from the hospital to the doctor to the care given to him. I wanted to ask him for his opinion, but I had to take the tough decisions. I got really scared for him. He is so positive and made us smile after he felt better. We take our health for granted, eat out but we can never say what affects our bodies. At times like these, we realise that money and fame don’t matter. Love and the people around you do. Moreover, we also realised who really cares about us. Many people we thought were our friends didn’t even reach out to us. We got a reality check.”

She had further talked about how she dealt with the fake rumours that surrounded Vivek. She had said,“The rumours were hurtful. Vivek doesn’t have a steroid body and has been working out for years now. He has a lean physique, not a pumped-up body. I felt bad about such rubbish and reacted strongly on social media.”

On their anniversary this year Vivek was hospitalized and Divyanka managed to sneak in a cake into the hospital and they celebrated their anniversary there. Sharing a picture of their anniversary celebrations Divyanka captioned it as, “Unique Anniversary bring in is this. When the family sneaked in a cake to surprise us. When Viv and I exchanged a high-five instead of a piece of cake! #HappyAnniversary love!” On the other hand, Vivek too had wished her on social media by writing, “Through good times and bad, through sickness and health. Thanks for giving me these beautiful 3 years. Happy Anniversary my love @divyankatripathidahiya.” Take a look:

Revealing their anniversary plans if things would not been like this they would have been celebrating their anniversary in UK. Divyanka had shared, “We would have been in the UK, celebrating our third anniversary had Vivek not fallen ill. I was finishing a bank for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein so that we could go for a vacation. I got a call from him that he is getting admitted and I left everything and came running to the hospital. A night prior he had a high fever and main thande paani ki patiyaan rakh rahi thi puri raat.”

We wish Vivek Dahiya a speedy recovery!