Divyanka Tripathi Gives An Epic Reply To The Troller Who Commented On Vivek’s Love For Her!

By admin

June 07, 2018

Divyanka Tripathi is one of the most popular actresses of Indian television. Her stint in Ye Hain Mohbbatein from last four years has made her a known face in every Indian household. The actress, who is leading a happy married life as well as a successful career, recently posted a romantic video on Instagram, in which her husband Vivek Dahiya could be seen giving her a surprise on the sets of her show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

As soon as Divyanka shared the video, comments started pouring in. While the majority of their fans loved the video and appreciated Vivek’s efforts, there was one netizen who went ahead to comment on their real equation and Vivek’s love for Divyanka. The troller emphasized on the fact that Vivek never posts pictures with Divyanka on social media and she is the only one doing it.

Here’s exactly what the troller wrote:

“Sorry if I hurts you. but why did Vivek isn’t posting anything related you or liking your post.he hardly likes ur posts and you al-ways shared your happiness her and everytime posted divek pics.w hy dont he post instead of u.Did he really likes you.its been a month he didn’t shared anything about you.strange.”

This didn’t go well with Divyanka and she instantly blasted at the troller. Defending her hubby, the actress wrote, “@glitters01234 just stop talking about such petty things. You think our love can be measured by how we behave on insta? I didn’t post happy birthday for my dad here…so I don’t love him? It’s a message to all asking such silly things… Believe me, we do breather outside TV, FB, Twitter and Insta as well. And please don’t bash Mr/Mrs Glitters… for this. Just understand leave our personal behavior to us….and enjoy this video”.

Check out her epic reply right here:

Well, this isn’t the first time that the actress has dealt with the wrath of a troller. She has been trolled repeatedly, a couple of times. But each time she has stood up for herself and clearly signalled that she isn’t someone who’ll accept such negativity.

Post her marriage with Vivek Dahiya on July 8, 2016, a hater took a dig on Vivek and called him a gold digger. The hater wrote, “You are so pathetic. Everyone knows you never loved Divyanka. Just for fame and money that the main reason you married Divyanka. I feel really bad for her. Her choice was so wrong. She loves you so much. You never loved her.”

To this, Divyanka replied, “Just shut up you loser…do not take my side when you don’t even know us enough! You attention seekers have no other job! It’s a couple’s decision and the world is definitely not a part of it. Especially you bashing idiots don’t ever take my name again. Like us…be here! Don’t like us…Don’t bother to even peep into our post.”