It was Divyanka Tripathi’s birthday this week and looks like she had the best birthday ever. It was her first birthday post marriage and her husband Vivek Dahiya arranged lots of surprises for her. She shared:


“This was my first birthday post marriage and my husband Vivek arranged a lot of surprises for me, I have got hints but I have not tried to crack it because I wanted to be surprised.”


“On my birthdays I like to be with my family and my friends. I remember my mother used to bake cakes during my birthdays. At times it would be a star shaped cake or sometimes it would be butterfly shaped cake. But I loved the cake made by my mum and I still miss them.”


She was also asked if she has gifted herself anything. For this, she said, “I am not gifting myself anything but I have given my husband a hint about what I want and it was a hint and he had to guess and he has done it pretty well and I got what I wanted.  So I asked him for a cycling bike basically I wanted a pair of it, one for him and one for me so that we can just go cycling.”

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