Divyanka and Vivek have been trying their best to make the most out of their quarantine days. From cooking for each other to clicking each other’s surreal pictures, the couple is enjoying each other’s company.

It is said that when a couple nurtures something together, their understanding level tends to grow. It is almost like taking care of a baby. Divyanka and Vivek have decided to nurture their baby plants together and make a mini-garden of their own.

Divyanka and Vivek headed to a nursery to bring home some plants as visible in the pictures shared by Divyanka. Husband, Vivek shared his views on taking care of plants, “Do pyar karne wale jungle mein kho gaye..! Taking care of this little piece of nature that we brought home recently by aerating the soil for oxygen and water to penetrate easily to the roots and ensuring that we don’t over and under water them. Each plant comes with its unique character and requires different level of sunlight, air and water.”

Later, in her and Vivek’s Instagram post, we can see them nurturing and taking care of the plants they bought home. Both husband and wife can be seen in their comfy clothes, placing their plants nearing a balcony. While Divyanka’s caption can be read as “From a lot, picking the ones that you both can relate to, bringing them home carefully and nurturing them… The process of attaining a few bushes and calling them your own can get extremely endearing! #NurtureTheNurturer.”

Divyanka is very pleasant, positive person and I need that. I cannot handle negativity, possessiveness and restrictions. She blows me away while her smile – She has the best smile ever! I also love her eyes which show the willingness to commit. And the way she makes me feel when she is around is just great.

We talk highly of compatibility but there is something beyond that which is underrated and that is the willingness to make it work, to be patient and give space to each other. These are major attributes for a successful relationship and she has all that.