Do Not Miss These Exceptionally Good K-Dramas On Netflix; Check The List Out


Are you new to the K-drama world? Confused where to begin?  Don’t worry we got you covered.

Well, the ‘K Fever’ has taken the world ironically like a pandemic, during the pandemic.  A survey says that more than average people from worldwide binged K-drama and got into KPOP during their quarantine. However, we cannot shy away from the fact that these dramas are in fact very entertaining and addictive. With cute romantic plotlines, good looking protagonists and South Korea’s exceptional visuals, it’s an appealing deal.

But there are some Korean series that is just more than a meet-cute typical story but have a deeper representation and many-layered characters. We have compiled some of the best K Dramas with some captivating storylines. Let’s check them out.

  1. My Mister

Oh, this is one of the most emotional stories you will ever come across. Not just focused only on one character but ‘My Mister’ explore the many emotions and kind of people we meet in life. It’s a story about developing a friendship between a male and female employee who works in the same company. What started with hate slowly turned into an unconditional nonromantic relationship between two souls. If you do not believe in humanity, this show will make you.


  1. Its Okay Not To Be Okay

Another masterpiece! A children’s book writer Koo Moon Young with a traumatic childhood bumped into her friend from the past Sang Tae , they both share similar wounds. The story revolves around a mental health hospital where Sang Tae works as a caretaker and his autistic older brother Gang  Tae is trying his best to paint a ‘butterfly’ but finds it hard as it reminds him of childhood trauma. This show is a cry parade so please keep your tissues handy.


  1. Crash Landing On You

Two lovers from both from enemy countries trying to find their way into each other hearts but faith has something else for them in the store. The cast itself is so huge and mega that this show is hard to miss from anyone’s attention. Yoon Se Ri , a south Korean heiress crash-landed on Ri Jeong Hyeok , a north Korean introvert military man. This show tells you lot about sacrifice and also that sometimes love is not about being together.


  1. The Hospital Playlist

One of the most highest-rated Korean drama, Hospital Playlist is about a bunch of friends from medical school and how they navigate their life after a massive change. The show will remind you of ‘Friends’ and sometimes ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ too but the bond of friendship characters will realy touch your heart.


  1. Boys Over Flowers

The OG of all the K-Dramas. Boys Over Flowers is the classic of Korean television. Our typical romantic school drama can still swoon you with some of the ironic scenes and chacharcters. Many remakes came since then but no one has topped the impact of this show. Also Lee Min Hyo as our lead Goo Joon Pyo is hard to ignore.



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