Do We Really Need To Detox Our Body ? Detoxification – Science Or Myth

There are a plethora of articles on boosting the benefits of Detox diets, supplements, therapy, and much more. Each of the types comes in handy with its uniqueness and advantages. Although, detox diets have multiples support data on web portals they do not have strong evidence in scientific literature. The scientific community claims that in our body kidney and liver are the main organ for detoxification hence, there is no actual need for an external support system for the process of detoxification.

There are various methods for detoxification such as special types of juices and smoothies, eating a certain type of teas, refraining from dairy and gluten, keeping the body in the fasting stage, cleans the ing the body through an enema, etc. These methods do not have long-term research data to support their efficacy. They might pose stress on people with immunocompromised, diabetic, high B.P, etc.

In Nowadays’s life we become exposed to multiple chemicals through the air we breathe in, the food we consume, cosmetics we use, and multiple household items we use, all contains complex chemicals that affect our delicate body functions. 

There are signals that our body gives when it requires detoxification such as muscular and joint pains, bloating with gas, sinus congestion, Fatigue, Bad Breath, skin problems, Difficulty in weight loss, and water retention in our body, Although each body, reacts differently to the toxin buildup but certainly requires the proper management.

We have an amazing bodily system to combat the toxins buildup in our body including kidneys, liver, skin, and our digestive system that works in harmony to cleanse our body effectively.

There is no sure shot cure for cleansing apart from eating healthy and organic food, drinking lots of water, practicing fast which is an excellent way to clean your body, exercising daily, and practicing healthy eating habits with extra intake of green leafy vegetables and having antioxidant-rich tea and drinks.

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