Friends who were once our life blood, have now fallen apart from us. As we grow, we meet many people and old ones fall apart. This is important for growth. Some people have very short role to play in our lives. However, some people are lucky who still have their childhood friends as their best friends. But in most of the cases, friendship dissolve due to geographical distances, emotional distances, changing interests or maybe they are not of your type anymore. For some people, it is very difficult to digest that once the people who can’t live without you, have now changed their priority.

Discussing the reasons for their falling apart is not worth-it as people change with time and their priorities also change. Like dead leaves of the tree fall part and new leaves come in place of that, same is with friendship. For growth we have to learn letting people go and should know our worth.

Priorities change

Once the people who were so close to us that we can’t pass even a day without them. Talking with them, hanging out with them and sharing our heartily talks with them becomes part of our schedule. But sadly, with the blink of eye time passes and people change, their priorities, lifestyle everything is changed. No doubt this change is very difficult to digest but we have to do it for growth. Maybe those people have this much role to play in our lives.

Building a balance

You should know how to build a balance between your old friends and new friends. If you fail in doing so than the foundation of your friendship with either of the two will collapse. You should go in sync with each other and try to rebuilt that old bond of love, respect and care. If things are still not working well then it is right time to say goodbye!

Choose wisely

It is wisely said that ‘a person is known for the company he keeps.’ So being wise towards yourself, you should allow best people in your life who can understand you and help you in making best decisions of life. If in life, a point comes where you have to choose between your new or old friends, then in this case behaving like a mature person you should go with one who was always with you in your thick and thins and always encouraged to make right decisions in your life. Hence, you should not be afraid in such situation and should believe in yourself.

Let them go

Sometimes situations are not as per you think it to be so in this case, we start losing ourselves and our loved ones. So, in order to protect yourself from shattering you should let people go. If someone has made a decision to not be a part of your life anymore, then you should know your worth and let them go!