Our personality is something that reflects us in every manner. The wat we behave, the way we see things with our perspective, the way we are dressed up, the way we treat people around us, the way we do anything says a lot about our personality and basically us. Have a look at what our size of eyes says:

Big/Large Eyes: Generally, people with big eyes are cheerful, lovely and good at getting along with others and never bother about little things. However, they are naive and ready to trust others and get deceived. Men of big eyes are flexible, bold, versatile, speedy, kind and considerate; they have high linguistic proficiency and cater to women’s psychology well. Women of big eyes are charming, have good sensibility of art, beautiful voice and strong sense of rhythm. Many actresses boast the bright and big eyes.

Small Eyes: Those who have small eyes and seldom pen their eyes fully are calm, careful and they can control their mood. They often make a plan before doing anything and then follow it step by step. This kind of people are conservative, mechanical, and inflexible and lack of innovation. As a result, they are suitable for project analysis and wealth management. In addition, they are generally introverted, quiet and unsociable, thus nervous and clumsy in opposite-sex communication.

One Is Bigger Than The Other: Those with eyes in different sizes tend to have an alienated relationship with one of the parents and need to beware of sentimental problems and inharmonious love life. A man with smaller left eye tend to push his wife hard

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