Do you know what your birthday month says about you?

Do you know that your birthday month says a lot about your personality? Have a look at your birthday month below and check what it says about you!



Those who are born in the month of January are confident, strong and stubborn. They never hesitate while sharing their opinions. They become good leaders as they are good in leading and teaching people.


February born people enjoy their life to the fullest. They like to get into serious discussions with people. They love to travel and go for a holiday whenever they get a chance to. They like to take part in adventures.


People born in March are very kind in nature. They like to help people who are in need. They are also very creative and put in their imagination in every work they do.


Those people who are born in the month of April are attention seekers. They like to get be in the spotlight. They do not think much before doing anything. They like taking risks in life.


People born in the month of May get very confused when it comes to taking decisions. They like talking to people, indulging into sports and exploring places. They are very expressive and fun to be with.


If you are born in the month of June, you are very shy in nature. June babies never openly express what they feel and like to keep their feelings to themselves. They are very sensitive to the feelings of others.


People born in the month of July have almost same traits as people born in June. But they are extroverts unlike the people born in the month of June. They like to spend time with their close ones.


August born people are strong, bossy and practical. They are never afraid of standing on their own opinions in front of others. They have a big heart and like to do take part in activities that give them joy.


Because of keeping high expectations from people, those born in the month of September often get disappointed. They do not forget things easily and hold on the grudges if someone does something bad to them.


People who are born in the month of October have a very positive attitude towards life. They like their social life and like to hang out with their friends. They have good communication skills and people like to be around them.


Those born in November are very passionate approach towards life. They like to keep their feelings to themselves. They don’t like people to direct them on how to take things in life as they wish to decide everything on their own.


People who are born in December are fun to be around. They are very kind and caring in nature. They are very good at giving advice and solving problems in an innovative manner.

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