Bread is one of the most consumed food item after the ofcourse staple ones. However, bread that comes with expiration date of 4-5 days are not stored properly. Not many are even aware of the ways about how bread slices or loafs are supposed to be kept. But here we solve your problem and protect you from consuming stale bread.


– Wrap in aluminium foil or plastic: If you have processed sliced bread, then store it in its original plastic packaging itself. However if it’s a loaf or a bread cube, it is always suggested to either wrap in plastic or aluminum foil as it will help retain its moisture. Otherwise, if bread loses its moisture, it will dry up fast. Don’t leave it uncovered at the room temperature, it will turn stale within a few hours.

– Never Refrigerate: This highly common practice needs to be stopped. Refrigerating bread takes out all the moisture and makes it dry. Also, it becomes stale 3 times faster.

– Don’t keep at room temperature for more than 2 days: Always keep it away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place such as in an air tight box. However, it is advised to not store it for more than 2 days.

– Freezing Magic: When you have extra amount of bread which you know you can’t consume, freezing it is the best option. Ensure to put the sliced bread in plastic wraps before transferring it to the freezer. To consume it back, simply take it out from the plastic wrap and let it stay for a while. You may also crisp it in oven or a toaster after a while.

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