Does the Generation Gap affect the relationship between parents and children?? An overview on father’s day

The social media is flooded with the “Happy Father’s Day” wishes today but do the youngsters of today’s generation really mean this or generation gap is causing trouble?? So,
Does the generation gap actually affect the relationship between parents and children?

First of all a lot of factors depend on this matter. A child’s age his/her level of maturity the upbringing and the people around are some of the factors.

Now the fact of the matter is that any age gap will have some effects either positive or negative on the relationship between them. But, one should also consider that no matter what the age of a parent is, the connection between them and their child is never lost. It remains forever. A mother who might be 50 years old when she gives birth to a baby has a forever connection from the very next second. Yes, the more the age gap between them, the more effort will be needed from especially the parents in this case to understand the cravings or desires of their child.

In my opinion, though i am noone, age doesn’t and can’t barricade a feeling known as LOVE. That is like the colour of the blood. It will stay always the same. Whether the age gap is large or the colour of the child and parents is entirely opposite , LOVE IS LOVE. The feeling is same mutually. No matter the age gap.

In previous generations about 50 60 years ago, people used to get married at age of 13 to 18. They will have their first child at a mere age of 15 to 20. So in that case there is literally no age or generation gap between the two, but still they managed us and our parents pretty well. So these things does not matter if the feeling is strong. No connection stays strong for life. It has to be felt from within. Which only a child and parent share between them.

Age gaps sometimes can differentiate our point of views but not that bond we share.

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