In a world where women have now finally established themselves as ultimate powerhouses, and broken ages old stereotypes and conventionalized notions, some strong personalities have earned themselves the title of being ‘the one and only’.

Where some are still putting in efforts to escape their pigeonholes, some were able to set themselves free from all barriers that the society burdened them with. One such headstrong embody, who put her creative mind and artsy streak into play, is Bollywood’s most renowned saree darper, Dolly Jain aka ‘Dolly the daper’. While sharing her insights on earning herself the title of ‘B-town’s most famous saree draper’, Dolly shared the details of her strenuous yet creative journey with women’s era.

From realising her dilemma of wearing a saree every day, to finding the potential that the magical six yard fabric holds, the professional saree and dupatta draper opened up about her journey and said, “Saree was a mandatory garment for me. But after people confused my old saree for a new one, solely on the basis of how differently it was styled, my interest peaked and I started wondering about different ways in which the same garment can be draped. the idea of taking it as a profession came up, and before I knew it, I was actually considering pursuing it.”

While denying herself the title of a beautician, and sharing her experience on holding a world record, she said,” Draping a saree in eighteen and a half seconds and holding a world record for it is what sets me apart from the professional drapers that we have today. I am not a beauticians, I am only a drape artist who wants to do justice to the person who is going to carry it, and the designer who is behind it.”

Though Dolly has draped almost all famous celebrities and women in the industry; Sridevi, Deepika Padukone, Isha Ambani and many more, she still awaits an opportunity where she will be able to drape our Kanjivaram queen, none other than actress and powerhouse performer, Rekha ji.

Though she has received a lot of appreciation and admiration for her hard work, the passionate draper is still continuing with her efforts and making her own contribution. On being asked about the western influence, how one can preserve the saree-wearing culture in India, she said, “Sarees have done a big comeback. It was only few years back when people were wearing more westernized clothes with the new found liberty from their in-laws, but now it’s more about comfort with glamour. Being a garment which gives you all three; comfort, glamour and an opportunity to be innovative, even young girls have started styling them with skirts, lehengas and much more. There is no need for preservation of a saree-draping culture, because it was there, it still is, and will always be there. My efforts are to just spread it as far as possible, not just in India, but also globally.”