Don’t Hurry!!!! Why Doctors Ask You Not To Leave Soon After The Jab?

As responsible citizens of the nation, we are to follow COVID-19 protocols and there is no compromise in that. Simultaneously, it is more important to get vaccinated so that we can protect ourselves and others from the disease. Starting from fever to infertility, initially many of us were too afraid to get our jabs thinking of a possible consequence. After scientific and medical explanations from the experts, our fears vanished and most of us received our jabs.

Well, imagine you haven’t got your jab yet. You are convinced and about to take your jab now. What will be the next thought that comes to your mind? Obviously, you would be planning to come back soon after your jab. This is again because you are afraid of being infected by others. And that’s fine because you should be cautious.

But, have you thought of what could happen after inoculation? Does the vaccine, we take work the same way in all of us? Never, right? And that’s why some of us get a fever while some others not. What if you die, on your way back home from a stroke or an allergy?

Recently, a government panel studying the Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) confirmed the death of a 68-year-old man who died due to Anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction in a person. It was learned that the vaccine made him allergic causing death. Reports show that there are 31 AEFI cases till now and this is only one among them.

“It is the first death linked to COVID-19 vaccination due to anaphylaxis. It re-emphasises the need to wait for 30 minutes at the inoculation centre after receiving the jab. Most of the anaphylactic reactions occur during this period and prompt treatment to prevent deaths” chairperson of the National AEFI committee Dr. N.K Arora told PTI.

The committee also stated that all deaths are not caused by vaccines, but sometimes 30 minutes of patience can save a life from severe reactions. Out of 31 cases, 7 were found to be indeterminate, 3 were vaccine product-related and one was anxiety-related. Anaphylaxis comes under the vaccine product related. Indeterminate reactions occur soon after vaccination, but there are no clinical data available to substantiate that they happen out of inoculation.

However, the panel is stressing the need to get the vaccination done. The benefits of vaccines are higher than the small risk of side effects. The only thing to keep in mind is not to leave the vaccination centre soon after the jab. Get your jab, stay patient for some time. If you find any difficulty, seek immediate professional help. Take care folks!

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