The cutest and warmest time to get into a relationship is mainly when we are young and wild. But this means that definitely the time will soon come when both the parties would be separated by distance and thus the everyday sweet meetings and gestures would turn into a long-distance relationship. But don’t worry as even though there are many doubts regarding the life of a long-distance relationship, there are many ways to keep it happening as well. In fact, a long-distance relationship can actually seem more thrilling for the when the couple meets again, they would already be starved for the other party’s love. Here are a few tips on how to not let the spark die out:


1)    Don’t overdo the phone calls and texts- the moment a normal relation turns into a long distance one, both the parties feel a sting of pain for not being able to spend time with their loved one. This makes them want to talk to their partners more and more even if they run out of topics to talk about. Don’t do this. Set a time to talk to your partner and wait for that time to come. Make it limited to one or at most two calls a day but make sure that these one or two calls are long and satisfying.

2)    Discuss your needs- male and females, both have different needs in a relationship and there is nothing wrong or right about it, these are just needs. If your girlfriend wants that you text her when you reach home from gym or stuff like that then do it to make her feel good. Same, if the boyfriend likes to see new pictures of you then don’t be shy and take some pics with your friends when you go out to have fun and send them to him. Even solo selfies might be to his liking. Obliging a little to the other partner’s need will make them feel wanted and special thus unnecessary fights can be avoided.

3)    Be creative- talking on the phone and texting and all good and stuff but what about putting a little fun into the whole thing? Playing online games together or chatting in portal chatrooms are some of the exciting things that you can try with your partner. Don’t let your method of communication turn dull.

4)    Pay more attention to your surroundings- while the article deals with what all you should be doing with your partner; it is equally important to understand that the real monotony in a relationship sets in when you both just pay attention to each other. Getting more involved or doing fun activities with family and friends actually gives you more things to talk about and brightens your mood before you talk to your partner.

5)    Decide your ‘meeting’ days and swear by it! This is one extremely important in long distance relationships. You need to meet! No matter how far you are, making time to meet is the one thing which will always lift up your relation. Knowing how hard it was and still seeing your partner gather up all their energy for just a day or two of being together feels like the most beautiful, precious and exciting moment. Being away anyways gives you more thrill while meeting but knowing that no matter what the plans won’t get cancelled is something which provides a feeling even greater than thrill; calmness. The calmness where you trust your partner’s words and know that the thrill won’t go to waste as your partner will definitely come and meet you as promised.

These are just a few of the things you can do to keep the fire burning. There are a plethora of things to try out there and I personally feel that point number 3 is the best point here.

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