“..I don’t want to make any choices..”, Benafsha’s boyfriend Varun speaks up after seeing her getting close to Priyank

We are now getting to see Benafsha and Priyank Sharma getting close inside the Bigg Boss house. The two are very good friends and share a beautiful bond. However, in the latest episodes we are getting to see them really close. Looks like their friendship has turned into attraction and they have started to develop a feeling of love towards each other. Seeing their closeness on the show, Priyank’s girlfriend Divya has broken up with him.

Priyank was dating Splitsvilla contestant Divya Agarwal and now Divya has taken Priyank and Benfasha’s relationship on the show seriously and broken up with him. Meanwhile, Benafsha is also dating Varun Sood. The viewers have been talking a lot about Priyank and Benafsha’s closeness and believe they have fallen for each other.

However, Varun has something else to say about Benafsha and Priyank. In a recent interview, Varun said, “I haven’t seen the videos that are being talked about and still people have been hounding me with queries. I really wish I knew more than them but I haven’t got the time to catch up on the episodes. Having being part of two reality shows I understand how it functions. The edit team only gives out an hour of footage from the 24 hours and they will only show what will work and get numbers for them. The channel doesn’t care how you are being projected for they only want viewership, which is justified on their part.”

While Priyank’s girlfriend broke up with him, Varun stands strong in support of his girlfriend Priyank. He said, “I don’t want to jump into conclusions and take any decision. I trust her completely and what may come, I’ll have my faith strong on her.”
“Getting pissed about it is very normal for any partner. Divya is justified on her part and I don’t want to compare her choice with mine. I am a very different person who thinks a lot about every matter. I will wait for Benafsha to come out of the show and I will then ask her. Without her around, I don’t want to make any choices that we will regret later on.”

We will have to wait and see what happens next between Priyank and Benafasha! Do you think they are falling for each other? Let us know in the comments section below.