“Don’t You Feel Ashamed?”, Ram Gopal Varma Gets Trolled By Netizen- Exclusive

Director Ram Gopal Varma Ram Gopal Varma is always in the spotlight due to his controversial statements. Currently, they are once again in the spotlight due to a video on social media. In this video, a man who looks like him is seen dancing with a woman. The video has gone viral on social media and now Ram Gopal Varma has explained.

Ram Gopal Verma

Director Ram Gopal Varma gets trolled by netizens on his dance video with Inaya Sultana

Ram Gopal Varma’s Video Goes Viral The video, which is going viral on social media, shows a man who looks like Ram Gopal Varma dancing with a woman. People around them are recording the video of their dance on their mobiles. After watching this video, netizens are claiming that the person is Ram Gopal Varma.

Ram Gopal Verma’s explanation Ram Gopal Verma has explained this by sharing the viral video on Twitter,

“I make it clear once again that I am not the person appearing in this video. Similarly, the girl in the red dress is not Inaya Sultana. I swear by US President Joe Biden, “he said.

Netizens have criticized Ram Gopal Varma watching them dance in the video.


It was the birthday of starlet Inaya Sultana and might be as, she is a heroine in RGV’s many upcoming movies, hence she invited him. Ram Gopal Verma can be seen at her mini birthday party. They both danced to the tune of a colorful song from ‘Rangeela’ movie. Though RGV took to Twitter and joked-tweet that the man in the video was not him but Joe Biden.

While retweeting the tweet of RGV, Inaya Sultana wrote that it was the most unbelievable moment of her life.


The video of RGV dancing with Inaya has gone viral. Netizens are wondering who Inaya Sultana is, why RGV is with her and dancing and having fun?

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