Former Bigg Boss contestant and winner is a regular viewer of the Bigg Boss show. She was recently invited on the show and was given a task where she had to provide an immunity shield to any contestant inside the house after talking to them and after understanding who deserves to win the show. At the end of this task, she gave this immunity to Akash Dadlani. She also talked to other contestants and told them about the game. She gave them meaningful advice and also shared how they are being viewed from outside. While she was in the house, she advised Hina to control her anger on the show.

Now Gauhar is really very upset with Hina Khan. Hina is showing double standards on the show and is creating drama out of nowhere for footage. Hina, who calls herself as the contestant taking the right steps always has been biased on the show. We saw her earlier taking a stand for her ‘friend’ Benafsha. However, she was never seen taking a stand for other female contestants like Bandgi Kalra and Arshi Khan. She has been making fun of them along with her own gang that includes Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi, Benafsha. During the rocket task, Hina was seen enacting Bandgi and Puneesh getting intimate. Also, she was seen insulting Arshi and she went off the limit by saying that she will get attention outside the house by tearing off her clothes like she does inside the Bigg Boss house.

Gauahar was heartily disappointed seeing Hina’s double standard on the show. She took to he Twitter handle and shared, “Ek ladki ki izzat ke liye Jung..Aur doosri ladki ki koi izzat nahi ??It’s ok to discuss a girls conduct with others n judge? Kapde phaad ke kaam milega??Not suggestive?? Not derogatory?? Hmm yaar values ho toh sabke liye ek jaise ho!! Varna galat Sab hain!!”. Former contestant of the Bigg Boss show, Pritam Singh was all praises for Gauhar in his reply. He said, “@GAUAHAR_KHAN har koi Gauahar nahi ban sakta .The way u conducted urself in ur session salute hai Boss 🙏”. And yes, Gauhar was touched by such a sweet reply! She tweeted, “Awwwww !!! Thank u soooo much … I’m touched 🙏🏼✨💐means a lot!! @iampritampyaare 💕 …”

Well, yes, we agree that Hina has been creating tons of drama and most of it is from absolutely nowhere. Recently, after losing the luxury budget task, she started crying on camera and asked everyone from her gang to not talk to her saying that she is the new target of the mates. And the worst part is that it is clearly showing to fake!

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