Do’s and don’ts for accessorising in office!

People have been wearing sparkling jewelry for centuries, to enhance their appearance and looks. Some jewelry is perfectly suitable to wear on a regular basis. But when choosing jewelry for the workplace, one must keep certain rules in mind. Office jewelry should not be distracting or gaudy.  Choosing your jewelry for work is as essential as choosing your dress for the workplace, as it depicts your professional outlook. One can experiment with jewelry while going to a workplace but it should be simple and elegant.  People should be aware of proper attire and jewelry that is suitable for the workplace. The jewelry should be classy and modish rather than flashy and casual. There are some Do’s and don’ts on the type of jewelry, one can use in the workplace.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Clothing should not compete with jewelry, rather it should stand out. A statement necklace can be worn with a simple neckline.
  • Earrings play an important role as it highlights the face and grabs other office personnel’s attention. It should be compatible and suitable according to an individual’s face and attire. Always wear small and sophisticated earrings or studs. Opt for something elegant and sleek for work, rather than danglers.
  • Marriage rings are absolutely workplace appropriate, but one can also wear semi-stoned rings.
  • Avoid wearing bracelets and bangles as they are noisy and distracting. Bunch of bangles usually creates a sound which might disturb others at the workplace. Instead, cuffs are better alternatives.
  • Pearl jewelry is evergreen and is loved by most of the women. One can wear pearl jewelry, as it enhances women’s beauty and facial luster. It can add glow to the casual outfit.
  • As pearl signifies “purity”, therefore it is best suited for the workplace. It also portrays loyalty and faith.
  • Nose pin can also be worn, but it should be simple and subtle.
  • For formal events or a meeting, always put on pearls or diamonds as it looks more dignified.
  • Never wear outsized or junk jewelry, as it is not office friendly.

Before putting on some jewelry, always remember and choose jewelry according to the occasion and purpose. At the office, try to wear a simple piece of jewelry, rather than shiny or jazzy ones, as it causes the distraction. Keep your jewelry subtle by wearing pearls or other precious gemstones. Pearls are often considered as modest and stylish. It makes women not just charming but enhances their beauty to the next level. It is simple yet classy, that might leave a dazzling effect on your office mates.

They hold charisma and are lustrous due to which, they are woman’s favorite. They have a classic aura, which looks trendy and sophisticated. Pearl jewelry is often believed to have a healing effect.Pearls are effective in promoting metabolism as they contain amino acids and calcium, which also keeps the skin glowing and beautifies the inner soul. So, next time while going at a workplace, be simple and elegant and set a style statement in the type of jewelry that you select.

Written by: Dr. Garima Singh, Co-founder and CEO, BlingVine


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