Really like that guy, but scared that you might end up saying something that you’re really NOT suppose to say, because he is just toooo hot to handle or scared that he might not turn out what you expected him to be. Then follow these dos and don’ts to have that perfect 1st date that you’ll cherish forever!
1. Expect, but little.
Okay, so don’t expect too much! Yes, you’re supposed to have a benchmark for your Mr. RIGHT, but the benchmark or the expectations shouldn’t be that high, that you end up being alone each time. Remember, no one’s perfect.


2. Don’t jump to conclusions.
Don’t just reject him, because only 60% of your interests match. Give it time. Gradually, that 60 will convert into 70, then to 80 or even maybe more! And if it’s a total disaster, that you have nothing to talk about, and all you’re doing is staring here and there, then please just leave. Cause in that case, there is no next time!

3. No tring trings and no ping pings.
NO PHONES means NO PHONES. Leave aside your phones for once. No facebook, no twitter, no calls, no whatsapp. Get to know each other. TALK. Make a healthy conversation.

4. You’re not a judge!
Don’t become too judgmental on every discussion you have, that you end up bashing him for every topic he shares. You might end up offending him.

5. Stop right there!
Being feminists is good, but being over the top feminist is definitely not good! And believe me, no man likes being pin pointed on his integrity. Subtle conversations are more preferred.

Please DON’T start a relationship with a lie. Let him like you for who you actually are, and not what you are in your own fantasy world.

7. Say bye to stress.
Don’t start stressing out about what he will think about you, just because you got late, or dropped a spoon, or your lipstick shade is not perfect, blah, blah, blah…just be you. Nobody cares for those stupid mistakes.

8. Finger on your lips.
Not stressing doesn’t me you completely let go of yourself and become a chatter box. Stop blabbering and even give him a chance to speak. Or else he isn’t coming back!

9. Taking it too far and too soon??
It’s your first date, you’re going there to know him and not seduce him. Avoid wearing skimpy or too much skin showing clothes, rather prefer comforting and easy to handle clothes, plus minimalistic make up. You don’t want to scare him off, do you?

10. What are you waiting for?
The date went pretty well? And you’re all gaga over him? Then why wait for him to call you? Call him back or just drop in a message ASAP!!

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