Dulquer Salmaan Wishes To Be Mr. House Husband In Real Life- Deets Inside

Dulquer Salmaan’s next movie “Hey Sinamika” is slated for release on March 3. ‘Hey Sinamika is directed by the dance choreographer Brinda Gopal. The other lead roles of the film are Kajal Aggarwal and Aditi Rao. Recently, the actor also celebrated his glorious 10 years in cinema.

Ahead of his movie release, he has recently shared his experience in a recent interview. Answering the question of “What is special about this ‘Hey Sinamika” film. He replied that this is a love film. Usually, all the films end with lovers marrying each other and living happily ever after. But in my new film, it sets off with two couples marrying each other. The film then follows up the journey of these two people showing their silly fights, misunderstandings, and how they manage to save their marriage life.

The next question was ” What was your opinion about being a househusband in this film”?

The answer was astonishing ” Yes, my role in this film was a househusband. To be frank, I have always wished to be a househusband. My wife is an architect. I have always pestered her to start working again. I am even willing to set her up with a new company. I am ready to stay at home and take care of our kid. I was always jealous of my wife and daughter staying at home together. I am always busy with work so I never get enough time to stay at home.”

How cute is his reply! What are your thoughts about this?

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