In 1997, Mahima Chaudhary embarked her Bollywood journey with a grand debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Pardes. The diva successfully proved her prowess as an actress and mesmerised the audiences with her gorgeous looks. Post the success of Pardes, she starred in films like Daag: The Fire, Pyaar Koi Khel Nahi, Dhadkan, Kurukshetra, Om Jai Jagdish among others most of them multi-starrers. While most of the multi-starrer films she did performed well and average on box-office but she could never establish herself as a profitable lead actress.

She soon silently disappeared from films. She completely distanced herself from films and media glare. It was only her personal life that made a few headlines when news of her divorce came out. Cut to now, she is yet again the talk of the town but this time for a rather heartbreaking reason.
Recently, Mahima Chaudhary’s shocking pictures went viral on Internet. Her looks have changed so much that the actress looked unrecognisable in the viral photographs. Paparazzi spotted her walking on a Mumbai street in a cold-shoulder little black dress. But she didn’t look a pinch similar to the Mahima Chaudhary we knew. She has gained a lot of weight and the natural glow she earlier swooned us with is no more there. Have a look at the picture.

She recently spoke to a national daily and addressed all the questions regarding her disappearance. She said industry doesn’t good roles to senior female actors and thus she has decided to stay away. She also made a heart-breaking confession that she started making appearances, ribbon cutting to make quick money. We also finally know what made her quit films. “I was a single mother and had to earn money. With a child, it was difficult to take up films, as it would have consumed a lot of time. I started judging a few television shows, making appearances at functions or cutting ribbons because it was convenient for me. It also gave me quick and good money. Now, when I look back, I feel those assignments ruined me as an actress,” she said.
We surely don’t doubt her acting skills! Give her a role and she will nail it! Much strength to you Mahima.

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