EGG FREEZING Is Trending Amongst Bollywood Actresses: Rakhi Sawant Joins The Bandwagon

Rakhi Sawant is the new entrant to the bandwagon of the Bollywood film industry’s women celebrities to freeze their eggs for a child whenever one wants to give birth to a child. Rakhi took this decision recently. When prodded on how she came about taking the step, Rakhi said, “Women face a lot of issues with their periods and fibroids, aur phir conceive karne mein badi takleef hoti hai. After a certain age, it is complicated to become a mother. And if one wants to work long term in Bollywood, you can decide to have kids in the future and freeze your eggs to make that possible. So it’s better if one freezes their eggs.” She also revealed “Yes, I want to become a mother. Ab time ho gaya hai. Since I have my eggs frozen, I can also work. Agar mere husband aate hain to accha hai warna in future, koi to decision mujhe lena hi padega.”

Rakhi joins other Bollywood celebrities who decided on freezing eggs and deciding a convenient time to give birth a child at a time they prefer. It was after the birth of her son Ravie through surrogacy, filmmaker Ekta Kapoor had spoken about storing her eggs at the age of 36. She was quoted saying, I had stored my eggs when I was 36. Had a calling for a long time I don’t know what was it. I don’t know I thought I might get married, might not. I have always been such a nonconformist.

Miss World 1997 Diana Hayden was among the very first ones from India to opt for egg freezing. After she had her twins, she had opened up about freezing her eggs and said, I happened to come across some material about egg freezing. It was mainly being used in the USA and in Australia by women suffering from cancer, as it allowed them to have children after overcoming the disease. After a few meetings and lots of questions, I was sure that that was what I wanted to do. I had my eggs frozen 11 years back, at the age of 34.


Bollywood actress Kajol’s sister Tanisha Mukerji  is another Bollywood celebrity who recently opened up about freezing her eggs at the age of 39. She was quoted saying, “I didn’t have a baby and all these things were going on in my mind. I finally got some guidance and froze my eggs at the age of 39. But I also put on a lot of weight due to the procedure. They pump you with a lot of Progesterone and it bloats you a lot. Not putting on weight, you become round and glowing and become very beautiful. I love pregnant women, they are in their most beautiful phase with that baby glow. I was very happy about freezing my eggs.

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