Billed as a one stop shop solution for everything that women need, ‘All About Eve’, a collaborative vendor repository featuring top experts in the fields of fashion, food, health, wellness, is an online platform for women to help them enhance their everyday lives.

Bani.G.Anand, founder & CEO of ‘All About Eve’ believes that as modern women are spirited, progressive and passionate they need a dedicated space to enhance their lives. It will offer customised services like a power breakfast fix for a health freak, a lunch delivery service for when you are running late for a meeting, a quick make-up tutorial for an evening soiree, a personal stylist or a tailored couture gown for the cocktail party.

Bani brings to the table a rich understanding of business, having graduated in Accounting and Finance from the University of Warwick. She has an MSc in Real Estate investment from Cass Business School and a diploma in Investment Management from London Business School. She is joined by a team of 23. Woman’s Era interviewed Bani Anand and here are the excerpts:

Woman’s Era : How does the platform work?

Bani G Anand  : In today’s fast moving world, one constantly juggles between work and family responsibilities with no time to look after one’s own needs. And this is the reality for most Indian women. At present there are no convenient options to attain products and services of their interest at the ease of their homes or offices. This led to the formation of ‘All About Eve’. We are a platform that aims to take the average day in the life of an eve, a notch higher by sharing ideas and inspirations through stylised content at one place. There were several portals and platforms that I had to follow to be able to do justice to every facet of my personality.

I thus thought, that creating one such platform that would cover fashion, health and wellness, food and beverage, home décor, beauty and every other basic desire of the ‘eve’ of today, would be of interest to most women. I realised that ‘All about Eve’ could be a part of the lives of today’s women, who are spirited, progressive and passionate. It will help them unravel different facets of their personality every step of the way.  Women of today have diverse needs, more than their desire for clothes and jewellery. They have other fantasies too which may range from a donut to a crop top lehanga to a steamy spa session and many more! All About Eve is a step closer to each one of it.

WE :  What is the business model?

BGA : The business model is very simple. We design interesting campaigns for our vendors, execute them with the support of stellar photography and videos and put them up on our social media forums. We charge a monthly fee for long term contracts or a fee per post for vendors that are looking for a short term association. We want to help women find anything and everything on our forum.

All About Eve is for all women who have access to social media. From a 12 year-old, who is interested in fashion tips, to a grandmother who wants to know about kitchen herbs or dal recipes, it caters to all women. It hosts a range of products, from day-to-day needs to uber-luxurious brands. There’s something here for everyone. We strongly believe this will allow women to make informed decisions which will enhance their lifestyles. In order to stay relevant as a brand we need to be where the consumer is, and nowadays that it everywhere.

Bani_1bani_launch event

WE: How different is the platform from the competitors?

BGA : We strongly believe that an online collaborative platform such as All About Eve will allow women to make informed decisions which will enhance their lifestyles. As curators of specialised content which can be utilised for story telling we take our responsibility very seriously. All About Eve takes a step into the future by providing an inspiring environment to our collaborators as well as our consumers. In order to stay relevant as a brand we need to be where the consumer is, and nowadays that is everywhere. This is a fresh way to integrate the components of a lifestyle across one single platform. It is easier to connect and perfect for up-to- the minute searches for products and categories.

It is a collaborative forum, which recommends vendors and products for its customers. It brings together businesses, artists and mavericks in a unique way. It also promotes an alliance of elements, for instance furniture and fashion; a dupatta which can be used as sofa fabric. It brings together diverse elements for the customer, like a health juice and Yoga mat for the perfect workout routine.

WE : Why did you not follow the footsteps of your father and join the real estate business? What prompted you to enter in the online lifestyle space?

BGA : I am very much a part of the real estate business. Real estate is my first love and my core competence. But being a second generation entrepreneur, I’ve always wanted to be as self-made as far as  possible. I’ve always dreamt of creating my own empire and you can consider All about Eve as my first brick. My foundation however will always remain Real Estate.