SHOCKING: This actress accuses casting director of rape and reveals the horrifying story!

Would be actress Aparna Paranjape has accused casting director Rakshit Anand attempted rape. Rakshit worked at Triangle Film Productions when he was introduced to Aparna through mutual friends. The two exchanged numbers and chatted frequently, but in an interview to online portal Aparna said that, “while she did like him, Rakshit’s feelings for her were far more intense. She says that she had to told him to stabilize himself work-wise as that would be the only way she’d consider marrying him.

On the occasion of a mutual friend’s birthday, Aparna threw a party at her place. Things were going fine until, as per Aparna, Rakshit got angry and complained about Aparna not accepting him. He then started throwing things around her house. This is when she asked him to leave and promised him that they’d talk in the morning.

Here’s what happened next –

“Rakshit left but even before we could take a breather, he called me up and said that he is lying down on the road and if anything (probably if a car runs over him) happens to him, I would be responsible. I decided to go down to check on him. When I reached below my building, I could not find him and he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, grabbed me by my neck and slapped me hard. I left him over there and came back home to avoid chaos in the building but I had a gut feeling that Rakshit would come back and it happened. This time, he came and as soon as I opened the door he slapped the two friends, took me inside the bedroom, removed his shirt and tried to disrobe and rape me. Our friends by then started banging the door hearing my screams. He opened the door and pushed me hard on the center table.”  Aparna’s  friends  somehow managed to bring the situation under control. Aparna then filed an FIR against him and Rakshit is currently in jail as his bail plea has been rejected.

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