Esha Gupta Sets Internet On Fire With Her Piping Hot Avatar In Bikini- Watch Here!

Exposed body. Sand and sand all around. The palms of the sea in the distance. And Esha Gupta … in a blue bikini, the sun’s rays seemed to fade to her. Her lean body and a muscular heart overflowing with devotees. The actress was caught in this way through the net.

At the beginning of the week, the heroine increased the mercury a lot. That picture is viral in no time without being posted on the net. Open chest divider, lying with feet on the floor, every groove of the lean face is clear. The heroine is relaxing while lying down. The heroine shared a picture of herself relaxing by the sea on the net. Below the picture, she writes, ‘Daydreaming.

Seeing the heroine in this incarnation, the fans flooded with comments. One commented ‘lascivious woman’, the other said ‘the best look in the world, ‘world-class hottest,’ ‘Esha is slaying.’ There are also mixed reactions from fans. Streaming of Ashram 3 has just started. In that series, there was no less practice with Esha’s intimate scene with Bobby Deol.

Esha Gupta recently told about the close-up scene, “After working in the industry for 10 years, there is nothing more uncomfortable or pleasant. Visitors find the intimate scene uncomfortable. Yeah at first that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like it ain’t for me either. But working with an experienced, mature actor in such a scene should not be a problem.”

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