Essential Oils: Know The Beneficiary Effects Of Essential Oils On Skin


Weather changes can make our skin look dull and rough. With the help of essential oils, you can give extra goodness to your skin in all weather.

What are they?

Do you know what are essential oils? How are they made? What benefits do these oils can give to not only your skin but to your hair too?

Let’s get more information about what are they.

Essential oils are the extraction of the parts like herbs, leaves, bark of certain plants with healing properties. They were being used in aromatherapy. These oils also work very well in skin and hair problems.

Benefits of using essential oils on the skin-

(1) Treatment of acne-

Tea tree oil reduces the redness and pain caused by acne. It has antimicrobial properties that prevent breakouts of acne and keep skin clear.

(2) Reduce Inflammation-

Rosemary essential oil reduces inflammation of the skin and improves blood circulation. It has antioxidants that improve skin texture. Sandalwood oil also has anti-inflammatory effects and keeps the skin moisturized.

(3) Anti-aging Effects-

Lemon and orange essential oils reduce signs of aging like dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. They also protect your skin from sunlight and damage caused by the sun. They improve the elasticity of the skin.

(4) Improves skin texture-

Bergamot and lemon oils have citrus which improves skin texture and lightens the skin. They improve the elasticity of the skin.

Essential oils

(5) Reduce itchiness of the skin-

Irritation and itchiness of the skin cause rashes. Eczema and skin irritation are reduced by tea tree oil which gives nourishment, reduces rashes, and prevents acne.

(6) Reduce spots and scars-

Frankincense oil reduces scars, signs of aging, stretch marks, fine lines, and acne spots. It repairs the skin and improves your skin tone. It also helps with sun damage and tanning.

(7) For wound healing-

Patchouli oil and turmeric essential oil have antiseptic properties which prevent the growth of bacteria in the wound. They prevent wound infection and enhance the cell growth to heal.


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