In her first book Every Gift Matters, Carrie Morgridge shares inspiring stories of powerful gifts in action showing readers how to turn the act of giving into a vehicle for positive change. Drawing on 15 years of experience supporting causes that align with her passions through gifts, Morgridge demonstrates how a smart strategy, high expectations, a deep network, and hands-on personal involvement will ensure that one’s gift is compounded over time to have the biggest impact possible.

Alumni-Signature-Event-Morgridge-e1429210121543Each person and every gift can make a difference, writes Morgridge. Whoever you are, no matter how much or how little you have, your gift matters. The smallest, seemingly unimportant, donation can transform a life. And the best news is that giving transforms two lives: the one who receives and the one who gives

Woman’s Era interviewed Author  and philanthropist Carrie Morgridge to know more about her novel ‘Every Gift Matters: How Your Passion Can Change the World’.

WE:- Tell us something about your Book ‘Every gift matters’?

Carrie Morgridge :- It’s one philanthropists expression on how even the smallest gift can change the world.  An insight into how to find your passion in giving.

WE:- Most important part of your life together is philanthropy. How did that begin?

Carrie Morgridge:- It began with a small check and a big heart, and truly it began when I was young.  While my parents didn’t have a lot of money, but we could give our time and help our neighbours or those in need.

WE:-How do you find philanthropic work worth doing?

Carrie Morgridge:- It is a core value to who you are as a person, and that is why finding your passion is so very important.  There is good work all over, but what we have found it that it is the leadership is key to helping an organization grow.  Without great leaders the cause doesn’t have a great chance of succeeding.

WE:- This is your debut novel. How does it feel?

Carrie Morgridge:- It is so meaningful to share my life’s story, which so many women can relate to.  In America, people like me from modest beginnings can become anything they desire to be.  It feels great to empower others to give them the confidence and the encouragement to lift others up.

WE:- What inspires you to write?

The good stories about others who are doing great things to make our world a better place.

WE:-  Do you believe that you book can make a difference in the society?

Carrie Morgridge:- My book has made a difference.  Sometimes people just need someone like me to encourage them to take the first step.  This is that book.

WE:- Would you like to give any message to Woman’s Era readers?

Carrie Morgridge:- Women of India are strong, beautiful and powerful.  Harnessing the three is a perfect recipe for elevating your generosity to have a greater impact on your community and your country.

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