Every Reason Why My Dad is My Hero

The guy who kept me from twisty roads and dark paths, the one with the rock-solid presence in my life, the one I absolutely relied onMy Dad needs a mention for many more reasons than these.

I still remember how he used to tickle me when I was little until I couldn’t take it anymore. I would run around the house, trying to get away from him while he hilariously chased after me. Now, post-tickling age, I wish my dad was present so that I could joke around with him, and laugh about the ridiculous things that happened to me every week.

Years have passed since my dad left us, but he will always be my hero. Only if my dad was alive today, I would tell him how thankful I was to have him in my life. With the hope that I become at least half the man that he was, I am stating a few reasons why my dad upholds the hero status:

He Showed Me The Value Of Hard Work

If anyone has taught me the value of working hard, it’s my dad. Whether it was learning to ride a cycle, topping exams in school or graduating college, he told me that I could do everything if I tried as hard as possible.

I still remember when he used to come home with his face a different shade of tan every day and still smiling at us; at that point, I knew he had given it his all. He never failed to get up and get out of the door every day because he wanted to do the best to provide for us. This taught me that getting what I wanted in life meant working hard to earn it.

He Was The Real Protector

My family and I were my dad’s “Whole World”. He wanted to make sure we lead fruitful lives. He wanted to eradicate any potential setbacks we might have in order to ensure that our lives were as blissful as possible.

For this purpose, he bought a term insurance plan to safeguard our financial future in his absence. And today, when I see myself as a successful Architect, I don’t have any words other than “Love You Dad for Everything”. After my dad’s demise, the term insurance benefits(claim amount) that we received helped my mom to give us the lifestyle that our dad always wanted us to have.

He helped me understand what it means to be the real protector of the family. Walking on the same path as his, I have recently bought Max Life Insurance’s Term Insurance Plan to protect my mom, wife, and children after me. With comprehensive financial protection against critical illnesses, accidents, and death, the term plan has offered me the peace of mind for life.

Just like my dad, my priority is always my family’s well-being, and my term insurance plan is there to make sure that my family will be in the best condition to lead their lives comfortably after me.

He Had Immense Faith in Me

My dad constantly supported me, from my goals to my dreams to every other odd thing that came in my restless mind.

Even though there were a few things that he did not always agree with, he made it a point to stand by me to let me make my own decisions. He gave me so much confidence and voiced his support in everything that I did.

He Taught Me Life’s Valuable Lessons

My father was present and involved in everything while I was growing up. He made every effort to be that “Super Dad”.As a child, I knew I had the best dad, but it was not until I became an adult that I realized how much his presence impacted my life’s philosophies.

Here are a few of my dad’s most valuable life lessons that I cherish and plan to pass on to my kids as well:
 Take your time before making any important decision
 Things don’t happen overnight; give it time
 Practice and practice, its the only way to get better
 Be generous
 Be a constant learner
Make time for your family

Today, when my friends or kids ask me who my favorite superhero is, expecting me to reply with something like “Iron Man” or “Captain America,” I just point at the sky and say “ My Dad!”