Everything that you need to know about your Bra!

By Stuti Dubey

September 13, 2017

Did you know that a wrong bra could spoil the posture and shape of your lovelies? So, let me dig in a bit for you in the bra world. But, before knowing anything related to a bra you need to know your bra size. For that you can always use a measuring tape, or go online where you have various tests for the right bra size or rather visit a lingerie store where the sales personnel can help you with it. Don’t be embarrassed, this is a necessity as you have to wear it daily!So, the first question that arises is, which is the best bra to buy? Well, that actually depends on you and the occasion you want to wear it on. There are various brands offering different styles like a sports bra, a strapless bra, or soft cup bra or padded/t-shirt bra for daily wear, or a multiway bra or a hot lacey one, etc. Plus, the sizes differ in different brands, so make sure that you try it first for the comfort and the size. And avoid buying bras with underwire, they are very very discomforting. So, once, you are sure of the brand and the style, then the next time onwards, you can always buy it online.


A Problem that may rise.

Now that you are wearing the right bra, there will be times when your straps will make their appearance from time to time, and that is really annoying as then, most of your time gets invested in keeping a check on them. For that, tighten the straps to the point that they don’t hurt you. Or you could use the sticky tape (easily available online) or even the in-built bra hooks to make them stay put. And try avoiding wearing the bra for two continuous days as then the bra will lose its elasticity.

Treatment of bras So, this is very important, as sometimes some bras are very expensive. A little care will give a longer life to your bras. • Prefer hand washing it, as it is very delicate and use a gentle detergent. • In case you are using a washing machine, then prefer the gentle mode with cold water. And ideally use a laundry bag, so as the shape of the underwires and the bra itself stays intact. • Never use a blower to dry it, rather hang it, for it to dry. • Just squeeze it gently, and then hang it with both the cups facing each other. Don’t hang it from only one end. • You could also dry it by laying it flat on any surface. • And while storing it, especially if it’s a padded bra, then never overturn the cup into the other one, as it will spoil the shape. Rather, store them flat, one on top of the other in your wardrobe. • Soft cup bras can be stored in any manner.