Everything You Need to Know About Room Dividers

When it comes to room separation, a room divider wall is the first preference for every homeowner. Also referred to as partition wall, the room divider can be used anywhere for segregating space. However, choosing a partition wall can be a bit daunting process as it provides you a huge selection. It comes in a variety of materials, styles, and designs. 

Moreover, using a room divider is the quickest option to transform your room interiors with minimal efforts. These are the portable walls that you can use anywhere in your home. Even for privacy issues, these are the best option. The divider walls are available as fixed as well as in portable options. These are easy to install and need no extra installation. 

In this article, we’ll explore room divider walls in detail including their types, advantages, and utility. 

Different Types of Divider Walls

1. Folding or Accordion Divider:

Folding dividers are suitable for mobile owners. If you are likely to change apartments often then this folding divider can serve your purpose. It is easily foldable and can be easily moved from one place to another. Unlike other dividers, folding dividers have a long and wide footprint. They are twelve inches thick or more in an unfolded state. However, if you have a space crunch this type of divider is not meant for you. Another drawback of these dividers is that even with a slight gust of wind they can fall over. 

2. Glass Divider Wall: 

This is one of the most commonly seen partition walls. You can easily spot them in commercial centers. These are made using glass sheets or glass blocks. The glass divider walls are light in weight as well as have easy construction. The notable feature of these divider walls is that they are easy to clean.

Furthermore, some of the additional features of glass divider walls are:

  • These walls do not take away the sense of space.
  • Since they are made of glass they create a sense of flow.
  • Opens up space by allowing more light to get in.
  • However, with the application of pressure, they tend to break.

3. Hanging Divider Wall:

As their name suggests, the hanging dividers hang from the ceiling. These can be made up of acrylic, light wood, resin, or other solid material. From the bottom, these divider walls are fixed to the floor to prevent swaying.

  • Hanging divider walls need no major installation. They can be easily affixed to the ceiling using two screws.
  • Due to their varied designs hanging divider walls can also be used as a decorative piece.

4. Wooden Divider Wall:

Wooden partition walls are not used so commonly. Since they are prone to get infected with pests, insects, and damage due to moisture, they are not preferable. Also, they are not soundproof. However, wooden bookcase divider walls are quite popular. The functionality that these bookcase divider walls offer makes it a preferred choice among modern homeowners. So, when searching for wooden furniture online, do check bookcase dividers. Especially, if you have a single room apartment, purchase a single bed online along with this wall divider bookcase. Apart from dividing your space, the bookcase divider will provide you a space to hold books, pictures, artwork, curios, ceramics, etc

5. Planters Divider Wall:

If you want something chic and cool, then this planter divider wall is ideal. This is modern divider wall is suitable for homes, bars, cafes, and restaurants. This particular divider wall features a cluster of planters. This wall radiates an organic appeal that is pleasing to the eyes. Want more? There is a huge selection of plants available at your disposal to use for beautifying your home.  

What is the Need to install Partition Walls? 

Room divider walls are meant to divide large areas into small ones. They come with easy installation and are deemed suitable for:

1. Division: 

The main purpose of divider walls is to divide rooms from a large space. For an instance, if you have a common living area and dining area then you can segregate the two by installing a wall divider. Therefore, a wall divider ensures better utilization of space.

2. Privacy: 

Privacy is another important requirement that facilitates the need for a room divider wall. If you have limited space in your home and desire o create a separate study area or workspace, then it is better to use a room divider wall. It will provide you the needed privacy to carry out your tasks without disturbance.

3. Interior Design: 

The room divider walls are available in varied design options including material, texture, pattern, or color. Whether you use them in the office or home these modern accessories have the charm to transform your space and lend it a more compelling look.

Different Places where partition walls can be used

The partition walls can be used almost everywhere including:

Houses, Offices, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Airports, Pubs, Libraries, Factories etc.

Reasons to Use Divider Walls 

1. Distinction

Using partition walls provides a distinction between spaces. You can easily differentiate a study room from the living room and likewise with other spaces. Additionally, the partition wall ensures the effective use of your space. You can easily separate spaces in your home and use them for different purposes.

2. Decor

Partition walls can turn your otherwise plain area into more purposeful and beautiful. They infuse richness in your space while enhancing detailing. Moreover, there is a range of partitions walls available to suit your room décor and style requirements.

3. Easy to maintain

Taking care of partition walls is much easier than you think. They can be easily installed, plus they have easy maintenance. As such, you can effortlessly clean them without investing any time or money.

4. Reasonable in Price

For purchasing a partition wall you do not need to break a bank. You can get them at a reasonable price. Further, to ensure cost-cutting on maintenance they are durable. 

I hope this guide helps you get the right partition wall for your home. 

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