It was exactly 10 years ago when Bollywood industry got the most talented lot of young actors. Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor – all three of them embarked their Bollywood journey on 9th November, 2007. Ranbir and Sonam were launched by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Saawariya whereas Deepika got a dreamy launch opposite Shah Rukh Khan with Om Shanti Om.

While Saawariya had toppled miserably on the box office, Deepika-SRK starrer Om Shanti Om was a super special movie in many ways. Right from the iconic dialogues, Deepika-SRK’s mesmerising chemistry, Shah Rukh’s six pack abs, high-on-drama story, lovely music, soulful lyrics and what not! Then, there was this star-studded song which featured more than 30 B-town stars. Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om is going to be remembered forever!

Well, as the film turns a decade old, Farah Khan recently opened up about directing newbie Deepika Padukone and also revealed some hilarious incident from the shoot.
When SRK’s Dard-e-Disco turned Dardnaak for Farah

Farah was pregnant while directing the last two schedules of Om Shanti Om. It was although difficult for her but gentleman SRK made sure to make her feel better. “t was difficult but Shah Rukh Khan had bought a big lazy boy couch for me and was insistent that I sit on it. I used to be lying on that and shouting on the mike,” she told a leading entertainment portal in an exclusive interview.
She also revealed a hilarious incident when she puked every time SRK removed his short in Dard-e-Disco. “During Dard-e-Disco I had morning sickness so it was very funny because every time Shah Rukh would remove his shirt, I would throw up and he was like ‘what is this’ and I was like ‘No No your body looks fab but it is just that I have three bodies inside me so I was just non-stop puking.”
Directing the star in making – Deepika Padukone

Farah also opened up about directing Deepika Padukone in her first film, “Deepika was absolutely raw and you don’t really have to do much when Shah Rukh is the hero. He just took her, I mean I would, of course, sit with her and tell her what to do but he would sit in the lunch break and motivate her. I would say Shah Rukh, I just have to say look down, look up, look left or right. He [Shah Rukh] was lovely actually and very patient and a very generous actor. I mean even if his take was good, he would do it hundred more times till her take is fine.”
The awkward age gap!

When asked if there was any particular scene where Deepika took a lot of takes to get it right? And how SRK used to response to it? “There is one scene after Main Agar Kahoon song where they are walking on the empty set. I got a very special scene between the two, probably the only romantic scene between them. In that scene, he really helped Deepika out a lot. He was telling her that how you should pretend you are in love and all and she just broke down and told him that I was just 12 years old when Dilwale [DDLJ} released and I was like, ‘did you have to tell him that right now when you were doing a romantic scene?” Awwwww! That was just so innocent of you, Deepika!
Iconic Deewangi song and sad reality of today’s Bollywood

The fact that Farah managed to get more than 30 celebs on board for the song Deewangi’s shoot is truly commendable. Farah feels that was the last of the films where Bollywood was like a big happy family. Things have now drastically changed and it would be really difficult for someone to do it today. She revealed the harsh reality of today’s B-town industry, “I don’t know. I think the younger generation is very cynical. I was telling someone that maybe they won’t have great fights and great enmities but there won’t be great friendships either. I mean they are nice and all but I don’t think they share the camaraderie which we see in Om Shanti Om.”
“I think that was the last of the films where we were like a big happy family and also let me tell you that they did not have managers or PRs then to make our lives difficult. I would just make one call and meet them and they would come on board. Of course, Shah Rukh Khan also had tremendous goodwill but I think it will be really difficult for someone to do it today. Then I just met people and they sweetly agreed. Salman toh I did not have to meet, he was like ‘tu mereko time bol main aajaounga,” she said.

You would also be happy to read this anecdote that on the day of shoot, no one went home after their shoot was over. Most of them, especially Salman Khan waited for more than 4 hours for Dharam Ji’s shoot. In fact, that scene where Salman is dancing with Dharam ji wasn’t planned at all. He had jumped in from behind the camera and danced.
Om Shanti Om to Padmavati, Deepika you are sure shot winner in this decade long journey!


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